What is $XMU (Mushe)

XMU is a decentralised token which facilitates peer to peer interaction, rewards and governance. This plays a major role within our ecosystem, providing liquidity to our exchange and a harmonious user experience.

Our mission is to propel blockchain adoption by increasing accessibility of digital assets for the everyday person. Motivated to create a social impact by educating the masses on digital currencies and financial management.

XMU is currently built on the Ethereum blockchain with intentions to migrate over to Stellars open network, a proven blockchain reputable for low transaction costs and financial inclusion for the under banked population. Stellars’ network consists of financial institutions, money service providers, or Fintech companies that provide valuable on- and off-ramping services. MusheVerse will be joining the fastest growing ecosystem for NFTs, P2E gaming and more. Solana is a decentralised blockchain built to scale user-friendly applications.

introduction video to $XMU

XMU is available now on uniswap icon UNISWAP

Token Details

  • Token Ticker:

    XMU (Erc-20)

  • Launch Date:

    July 4th, 2022

  • Total Supply:


  • Initial Price:

    1 XMU = 0.005 USD

  • Exchange Listings:


  • Trading Pairs:


Token Distribution

624,107,174 XMU asset total supply (fixed). To establish transparency and accountability in the way assets are released, please find our XMU wallet address below (coming soon)

PresaleExchange listingsReserve CapitalMarketingFounders & TeamDev WalletCommunity Fund (De-Fi, Staking, Rewards etc)Advisories & PartnersCharity (Community choice)

    The Mushe Team tokens are locked for the first 3 months and moderately released to a shared wallet every quarter. Tokens reserved to advisors and partners will also be locked for a 12 month period. Our reserve capital has been locked 12months, once released it will be used to facilitate ongoing functions and future product offerings.

    Token Taxes

    XMU Taxes from UniSwap Launch:

    Buy taxes - 0%

    Sell taxes - 3%

    • Token redistribution:


    • Marketing:


    • LP admission fee:


    XMU is available now on uniswap icon UNISWAP


    Mushe is currently built on Ethereum with plans to migrate to a more cost effective blockchain.

    XMU will initially utilise the Ethereum blockchain
    Stellar is built to support digital currencies
    network diagram
    Solana’s super fast blockchain technology allows gaming for the future

    Features Mushe

    Here to empower your crypto journey, manage your portfolio in simple and effective ways using Mushe.

    Mushe Wallet

    Simplifying the navigation within the crypto space, MusheWallet allows users to buy, hold, exchange cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

    Mushe Chat

    A decentralised social platform. Share messages with friends, family or business partners without the fear of any third party intercepting.

    Decentralised Finance

    Participate in XMU lotteries, voting and reward programs. Note you must own 125,000 XMU to qualify for our staking program.


    Utilise all Mushe products to a seamless degree. Socialise, play and earn. XMU provides purchasing power within our decentralised platform


    XMU holders can purchase NFTs that represent fractional ownership of Mushe facilities and products.

    MetaVerse Banking

    XMU provides interoperability to allow users to buy, sell and trade metaverse products and services.


    This timeline details our funding and development goals.

    Presale Launch - April 18th

    XMU Launch - 4th July Launch

    Establish Partnership with Fintech banking App

    Migration to low cost blockchain

    Launch Mushe Wallet

    Release Mushe World!